Procedure of Admission

Virgen de Gracia´ School is a private center with a complete concertation in Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School and with a unique concertation in High School.

Schooling Proccess: how to apply

The schooling process consists of two phases:

  1. Admission to the center
  2. Enrollment in the center

Admission to the Diocesan International Virgen de Gracia´School in Granada

If you have decided that you want to enroll your children in our Center, you must do so in consideration of the admission criteria established by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía.

 In Andalusia, the admission application takes place during the month of March.

During this period, students who wish to enroll in the next course in the school will be able to complete the admission form in the center physically or electronically. This form can be obtained from theschool secretary or can be processed directly through the Virtual Secretary of the Department of Education If you have a digital certificate.

Enrollment in the Virgen de Gracia´School

In Andalusia, the period of enrollment in Early Childhood and Elementary schools will take place during the first days of June.

The period of enrollment in Middle School and High School will take place during the first days of July.

All necessary admissions and enrollment information can be obtained from the secretary’s office.